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Stadium Plural

Ein Stadium (Plural Stadien bzw. Stadia) ist. ein per Zeitintervall eingegrenzter Zustand eines Objekts; eine Unterteilung von Stadial · Stadium (Verbalkategorie):​. Singular und Plural von „Stadium“. Singular, Plural. Nominativ, das Stadium, die Stadien. Genitiv, des Stadiums, der Stadien. Dativ, dem Stadium, den Stadien. Deklination Substantiv Stadium: im Plural, Genitiv, allen Kasus, mit Bedeutungen, Übersetzungen, Sprachausgabe und Downloads.

Heißt es der, die oder das Stadium?

“die Stadien” could be plural After the home win, the spectators in the stadium cheered. Das Projekt befindet sich in einem fortgeschrittenen Stadium. Unbestimmte Artikel gibt es im Deutschen im Plural nicht. Du solltest dann also einfach die Pluralform ohne einen Artikel benutzen. Ein bisschen komplizierter sind. stadium, Nomen, Neutrum, O-Deklination, Akkusativ Singular von stadium, die Rennbahn. stadium, Nomen, Neutrum, O-Deklination, Genitiv Plural von stadium​.

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Stadium Plural

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Stadium Plural Stadia is indeed the correct Latin plural of stadium. It is, however, far more common for English speakers to use stadiums. Latin plurals such as appendices, crises and fungi are still widely used in science and academia. But in many cases we drop either the singular or the plural according to which is less in keeping with the English language. The most common plural of "stadium" is "stadiums", formed in the usual way by adding an "s" to the end of the word. "Stadia" is also correct, but it is not widely used, and many people will think. verb + stadium. fill; pack; pack into preposition. at a/ the stadium; See full entry. The declension of the noun Stadion is in singular genitive Stadions and in the. Definition, Rechtschreibung, Synonyme und Grammatik von 'Stadium' auf Duden online nachschlagen. Singular, Plural. Nominativ, das Stadium, die Stadien. Sta·di·um, Plural: Sta·di·en. Aussprache: IPA: [ˈʃtaːdi̯ʊm]: Hörbeispiele: Lautsprecherbild Stadium · Reime. Deklination Substantiv Stadium: im Plural, Genitiv, allen Kasus, mit Bedeutungen, Übersetzungen, Sprachausgabe und Downloads.
Stadium Plural Due to the number of people Stadium Plural in stadiums and the frequency of events, many notable accidents have occurred in the past, some causing injury and death. It is the largest fixed domed structure in the world. Graduates 5. Is metlife stadium a indoor stadium? What is the plural of the word stadium? Cookie Policy. Retrieved 20 January What is the plural for the word David Haye Instagram Latin plurals such as appendices, crises and fungi are still widely used in science and academia. Need even more definitions? Since the Real Freiburg Online of electrical grids, lighting has been an important element in stadium design, allowing games to be played after sundown, and in covered, or partly covered stadiums that allow less natural light, but provide more shelter for the public. Modern stadiums bring several negative environmental issues with their construction. Do you know the person or title these Stadium Plural desc
Stadium Plural Both stadiums and stadia are reported as plural of stadium, on the NOAD. Looking at the Corpus of Contemporary American English, stadia is found 19 times, and stadiums times. To make a comparison, stadiums is found times in the _Corpus of Historical American English (stadia is found 76 times) and 58 times in the British National Corpus (stadia is found 63 times). plural of stadium; Usage notes. For clarification of which plural form of stadium is considered appropriate in a given context, see the usage note at the entry for stadium. Synonyms (plural form of stadium): stadia. Stadia is indeed the correct Latin plural of stadium. It is, however, far more common for English speakers to use stadiums. Latin plurals such as appendices, crises and fungi are still widely used in science and academia. But in many cases we drop either the singular or the plural according to which is less in keeping with the English language. Definition of stadium. 1: a large usually roofless building with tiers of seats for spectators at sports events. 2 a: a tiered structure with seats for spectators surrounding an ancient Greek running track. b: a course for footraces in ancient Greece. (plural stadiums, stadia Thousands packed into the stadium to watch the final. the home stadium of the New York Giants; It is a domed stadium with artificial turf. It is as large as a football stadium. Zahlen und Ziffern. Itunes Guthaben Sofortüberweisung growth rates did not change for each day within the third instar stadium fig.
Stadium Plural

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For example, the Hillsborough disaster was a human crush at Hillsborough Stadium in Sheffield , England on 15 April The resulting 96 fatalities and injuries makes this the worst disaster in British sporting history.

Much effort has been spent to avoid the recurrence of such events, both in design and legislation. Especially where there is a perceived risk of terrorism or violence attention remains high to prevent human death and keep stadiums as places where families can enjoy a public event together.

In Europe and South America, during the twentieth century, it was common for violent bands of supporters to fight inside or close to association football stadiums.

In the United Kingdom they are known as hooligans. Structural features that increase safety include separate entry and exit accesses for each spectator area, especially separating accesses for home and visitor supporters, dividing walls, glass parapets, vibration attenuation and sprinkler systems.

Security features that have been adopted include armed surveillance, Identity document checks, video surveillance , metal detectors and security searches to enforce rules that forbid spectators to carry dangerous or potentially dangerous items.

Modern stadiums, especially the largest among them, are megaprojects that can only be afforded by the largest corporations, wealthiest individuals, or government.

Sports fans have a deep emotional attachment to their teams. In North America, with its closed-league " franchise " system, there are fewer teams than cities which would like them.

This creates tremendous bargaining power for the owners of teams, whereby owners can threaten to relocate teams to other cities unless governments subsidize the construction of new facilities.

Outside professional sports, governments are also involved through the intense competition for the right to host major sporting events, primarily the Summer Olympics and the FIFA World Cup of association football , during which cities often pledge to build new stadiums on order to satisfy the International Olympic Committee IOC or FIFA.

Modern stadiums bring several negative environmental issues with their construction. They require thousands of tons of materials to build, they greatly increase traffic in the area around the stadium, as well as maintaining the stadium.

In recent decades, to help take the burden of the massive expense of building and maintaining a stadium, many American and European sports teams have sold the rights to the name of the facility.

This trend, which began in the s, but accelerated greatly in the s, has led to sponsors' names being affixed to both established stadiums and new ones.

In some cases, the corporate name replaces with varying degrees of success the name by which the venue has been known for many years.

But many of the more recently built stadiums, like the Volkswagen Arena in Wolfsburg , Germany, have never been known by a non-corporate name.

The sponsorship phenomenon has since spread worldwide. There remain a few municipally owned stadiums, which are often known by a name that is significant to their area for example, Boston 's Fenway Park.

In recent years, some government-owned stadiums have also been subject to naming-rights agreements, with some or all of the revenue often going to the team s that play there.

One consequence of corporate naming has been an increase in stadium name changes, when the namesake corporation changes its name, or if it is the naming agreement simply expires.

Phoenix's Chase Field , for example, was previously known as Bank One Ballpark, but was renamed to reflect the takeover of the latter corporation.

San Francisco's historic Candlestick Park was renamed as 3Com Park for several years, but the name was dropped when the sponsorship agreement expired, and it was another two years before the new name of Monster Cable Products ' Monster Park was applied.

Local opposition to the corporate naming of that particular stadium led San Francisco's city council to permanently restore the Candlestick Park name once the Monster contract expired.

More recently, in Ireland, there has been huge opposition to the renaming of Dublin 's historic Lansdowne Road as the Aviva Stadium. Lansdowne was redeveloped as the Aviva, opening in May On the other hand, Los Angeles' Great Western Forum , one of the earliest examples of corporate renaming, retained its name for many years, even after the namesake bank no longer existed, the corporate name being dropped only after the building later changed ownership.

This practice has typically been less common in countries outside the United States. A notable exception is the Nippon Professional Baseball league of Japan, in which many of the teams are themselves named after their parent corporations.

This new trend in corporate naming or renaming is distinguishable from names of some older venues, such as Crosley Field , Wrigley Field , and the first and second Busch Stadiums , in that the parks were named by and for the club's owner, which also happened to be the name of the company owned by those clubowners.

The current Busch Stadium received its name via a modern naming rights agreement. Likewise, the same stadium will be known as the "München Arena" during the European Competitions.

Similar rules affect the Imtech Arena and Veltins-Arena. Corporate names are also temporarily replaced during the Olympics.

Although concerts, such as classical music, had been presented in them for decades, beginning in the s stadiums began to be used as live venues for popular music, giving rise to the term " stadium rock ", particularly for forms of hard rock and progressive rock.

The tendency developed in the mids as the increased power of amplification and sound systems allowed the use of larger and larger venues.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Place or venue for mostly outdoor sports, concerts, or other events. This article is about the building type.

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